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ChiaoGoo 11.5mm Crochet Hook

ChiaoGoo 11.5mm Crochet Hook

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  • Diameter: 11.5mm 
  • Length: 16cm

ChiaoGoo knitting needles are made from highly sustainable Moso bamboo - the strongest species in over 1000 different varieties of bamboo.  They are strong and each hook is laser marked with a Chinese blessing and the hook size. The tip is beautifully tapered and the body of the hook fits comfortably in your hand, warm to the touch. 

ChiaoGoo is a family-owned brand started by four brothers who grew up in Linan, the bamboo capital of China, Inspired by their knitter mother, and following in their grandfather's footsteps, they opened a bamboo workshop in the early 1980s. ChiaoGoo is named for their mother - 'highly skillful and crafty lady'.