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Our Story

What are we all about?

Ministry of Yarn behind the scenes

Sometimes the world feels a bit too fast, and a bit too impersonal.  Ministry of Yarn would like to change that, one stitch at a time.We partner with makers to do this by providing only

  • recycled content,
  • fairtrade
  • organic/high welfare yarns and tools

Together we create, whilst caring for the world and improving the lives of those who made our products.

We are a community, sharing crafting skills and inspiration. We make our world a friendlier and better place, one beanie/scarf/rug/wall-hanging at a time.

Caring for others and for our planet, is part of our DNA. Our promise to you, is that we are, and always will be, socially and environmentally responsible. As far as it is possible, all of our yarns are sourced from producers who pay a fair wage, and provide safe conditions for their workers. Where possible, we ship with a carbon neutral shipping company, in materials made of 100% or very high recycled content.  

Compassion Mums and Babies ProgramNot only do we support people in developing countries by purchasing their fairly-produced products, we give back at least $2.00 from every order we receive, to the the Compassion Mum's and Babies program. This program provides excellent antenatal care to babies and mums in developing countries.

We aim to be totally honest with you.  We won't charge you a huge price for our products, just because we could. We really want to take this creative journey with you.

The face behind the brand

Bek Hudson - founder of Ministry of Yarn Ministry of Yarn was founded by Bek Hudson. She is married to  John, is currently based in Sydney, and has four young  children. After seeing a gap in the market for t-shirt yarn, Bek's  initial idea for an online yarn shop grew in size and scale,  eventually expanding out to include an array of organic, high  welfare and fairly produced yarns and accessories (she really likes to research!).  Bek really wants Ministry of Yarn to be more like a trusted  friend and community, than just a yarn store.  She's been busy making things since she was a child, and loves to share those passions and skills with others, and see where the creative journey takes them. 

Most of all, she's excited to be able to join together with others to make a real difference in the lives of the most vulnerable in our world, and to see where the creativity and skills of our makers takes them!