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Black T-shirt Yarn 1kg

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  • This 1kg roll is approximately 200m long
  • It is cotton rich 
  • Average tension: 8 stitches + 11 rows per 10 cm / 4”
  • Suggested knitting needles: 12mm - 25mm (US17-50)
  • Suggested crochet hook: 8mm - 15mm
  • There is a bit more variation in this yarn, but on average it is around 2.9cm wide when unfurled
  • Elasticity: About 5cm of this yarn stretches out to around 7.5cm (fairly stretchy, but there is some variation)

Black t-shirt yarn is super strong and hard-wearing, and a fantastic chunky textile for making rugs, baskets, bags and more structural projects. You can knit it, crochet it, use it for macrame, weave it - your imagination is the limit.

T-shirt yarn is made from the fabric roll remnants of T-shirt manufacturing - so it's great for making and better for the world. Congratulations for saving this beautiful new fabric from becoming landfill!

Due to the recycled nature of T-shirt yarn, we may not be able to stock the same colours when these ones sell out, so please make sure you order enough for your entire project!

Further Note: You may find small shredded pieces of cardboard on this yarn due to the cardboard roll being sawn off after the yarn was rolled on, it’s not dirt. You may also find small knots of white thread or the occasional small yellow streak. There are reasons why this yarn is so heavily discounted. 

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